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Staffing and Outsourcing

For mid & small sized business with little or no in-house HR expertise, Innovatex becomes an outsourced Human Resources department. We work closely with growing organizations in all areas of HR – strategic planning, recruitment, onboarding, payroll management, leave and attendance, appraisals, exit interviews and more. We use the power of technology to simplify common HR tasks. We help our clients increase their profits by through productivity gains and reduced HR costs. We offer a unique pay-per-use model that helps us set your HR priorities without being a drag on your finances.

3rd Party Contract Staffing is a great option which provides hiring flexibility to organizations where the headcount moves in accordance with the organizational performance and the business environment. At Innovatex, we offer strategic and innovative contract staffing solutions.


Staffing and Outsourcing

Our services help your company to 'augment' or 'improve' the existing talent pool by hiring additional staff, usually done on a project-by-project basis, fulfilling gaps in certain skill sets within the in-house staff. 3rd party contract staffing is immensely popular in the IT sector due to an abundance of resources within IT. However, we have the expertise in multiple verticals like legal and manufacturing.

We are an efficient resource facilitating companies to recruit and manage flexible and permanent talent in order to enhance quality, productivity and minimizing company's employment related risks.

We provides companies a disruptive, better, cheaper and faster way to manage their HR needs. We have devised a unique pay-per-use that helps you get customized services based on your organization’s requirements and employee strength. It is a cost-effective way that works through a combination of onsite and offsite resource mix. In our model, a Virtual HRO will visit your office a predetermined number of times every week or month and take care of all your HR needs. 


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